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Internationally renowned speaker Andrew Stead invites his audiences to ‘Regain Resilience’.

He brings together the best of science, wisdom, business and leadership, tackling the subjects that matter most to individuals and organisations: Well-being, Resilience, Engagement, Motivation, Performance, Stress, Depression, Burnout, Future Trends, Work and Wealth.

He dazzles his audiences with his unparalleled mix of commercial and leadership experience, Well-being and Resilience expertise, and his personal and inspirational stories.

From a decade in one of the world’s most successful and prestigious corporate environments he absorbed top level international organisational culture, living and working in Tokyo, New York and London. From conceiving and his scaling his own multi-million pound environmental business he lived the thrills and spills of the start-up while observing first-hand the newly emerging competitive corporate landscape.

He shares the very best of times – the growth of the largest securities market on the planet, the excesses of Wall Street and the City, and his own personal story –  twice a millionaire before 30 – of trading billions and earning millions; and the worst of times – the psychology of dealing in distressed and bankrupt companies, demotivated and demoralised employees, performance issues, the challenges of work-life balance and stress, being frozen out of his own business and losing the lot.

He draws on his unique collection of knowledge and skills – coaching top executives, teaching at Cambridge University, accelerating groups and teams, and a strong personal practice that keeps him grounded and resilient.

Andrew’s subject is the Science of Well-being and Resilience, illustrating its unequivocal  relationship to personal and professional performance. But what really excites him is the practical application and results he inspires among leaders and professionals deeply committed to improving their performance and bottom line. His audiences witness directly his assertion that small steps make a big change.

All this he brings to bear in his speaker engagements that leave his clients enthused, inspired and energised, more fulfilled, healthier and happier. He consequently enjoys a loyal following of both individuals and organisations that return for his inspiration again and again.

“I learned that happiness is understandable, teachable and possible “

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