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World Happiness Day – 4 Reasons to be Cheerful


Happy World Happiness Day!

The sad fact is that many of us around the world will struggle to be happy today. Perhaps war, pestilence, or displacement; inequity, aggression or abuse; stress, exhaustion or burnout; anxiety, depression or breakdown. Whatever the circumstances, its my firm belief we can do better. Individually and collectively. The conversations are starting to become more widespread about how we can help ourselves and each other. And we are beginning to make real progress, however small it may feel.

So let’s use today as an opportunity to be positive in our teams and communities.

So here are my…

4 Reasons to be Cheerful

1. Living in the Prosperous Time


We are living in the most prosperous times human beings have ever known. We understand and control many factors of life that were not even perceived to exist even three centuries ago. Our efforts of genius over the last two hundred and fifty years should be celebrated in recognition of our human achievements and our progress at overturning our innately human fears of survival. We are fortunate to exist in such a period of human evolution.

2. Keep an Eye on our Objectives


Our extraordinary progress has brought with it great triumph. Modern man is better equipped now than ever before to overcome the challenges presented to us. Great advances in science, technology, communication and language all point to humanity having the greatest opportunity to continue our exponential development. However, we must keep our eye firmly attached to our true objectives and attend to relevant difficulties as they arise. The time is fast approaching when we might utilise these skills in recognising the effects or our activity, defeating their consequences and protecting future generations.

3. Growing Awareness


Awareness of the situation, the probable threats and considerable opportunities, is rising, and the conversation is gathering pace all around the world, among all generations, race and gender. Our Awareness is already making change happen and we should be pleased!

4. Well-Being Expansion


The potential expansion of global well-being is so significant that once the process is underway natural momentum will carry it forward. Overcoming our basic human needs drives us to higher psychological states of well-being which no longer experience physical constraints. These possibilities may be genuinely described as boundless.

If you agree, please do drop me a line at:

Have a great World Happiness Day and see you soon!

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