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Work, Wealth & Well-being

work, wealth & well-being

Whether we like it or not, for most of us, work plays a major role in our life.  It is one of our largest consumers of our time and thus represents a significant loss of leisure time. Our professional lives can often be a major factor in stress and may consequently have ripple effects into other elements of our well-being.

Discover connections between work, wealth & well-being.

However since work is typically our primary source of income it is pretty much an essential aspect of our life, underpinning every other area of our happiness. It is often the remuneration we gain from our work that enables us to enjoy other things in our leisure time such as purchasing a book to read or even going on holiday.

But fundamentally, work is more important still. There are many aspects in our working life that contribute to our positive well-being. These might be the social ties our work environment supports, learning new skills or the achievement of tasks and completion of goals from which we derive feelings of self-worth and satisfaction. In fact, almost all the other aspects of happiness appear in the workplace in some form or other. And since we spend almost half our waking time at work, this environment can therefore be a very productive area for enhancing happiness. In fact, finding ways to increase happiness in our professional life can make a big difference to ourselves and others so if we are going to be really happy, we need to make sure we enjoy our working days. The more we understand our own work, wealth and well-being relationship the better.

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