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What are we missing? Small Things That Matter.


According to recent newswires, we have just discovered the ‘most earth like planet yet’ approximately 550 light years away from Picadilly Circus.

In layman’s terms  that’s 4.7302642 × 1015 kilometres away.

If that’s still a little technical, then it’s about 138 billion times the Earth’s circumference, or 31 million times the distance to the sun. Quite a lot.

What an amazing feat of scientific technology.

Small things that matter

Yet at the same time we seemed to have somehow completely misplaced another amazing feat of scientific technology, an object as wide as a 20 storey building, weighing in at around half a million pounds, and more disturbingly than anything else, containing 239 human beings.

How can it be so? It seems astonishing that in the modern world we live in we have simply lost Malaysian Flight 370? Many resources are still trying to solve the mystery and many questions remain unanswered.


This remarkable vanishing act made me think about the small, seemingly less significant items we might overlook in life at the expense of what we perceive to be larger and more important. The things we find closer to home that we may have misplaced in our search for something far farther afield.

Research tells us that while we have done an outstanding job at developing these amazing feats of scientific technology,  broadly speaking our happiness hasn’t improved much at all.

I wonder what other apparently small things we might be missing and how we can bring them back into our daily life? Reconnecting with those things that bring us joy and improve our happiness is exactly what life is about. And we don’t always need to shoot for the stars to find them…..

Everything matters, but you matter the most among them. Check out this atrticle >>here<< and connect back with yourself.

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