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Participants say some rather nice things about the Your Daily Bread Programme:

“So do I highly recommend the course!? Yes. Was I a little unsure if I should attend? Yes, but in order to improve your happiness you need to be ready to make the changes. This course is a great resource to help you realise little changes that can be made to maximise your happiness. We can’t always be happy but we can be more aware of helpful tools to assist us on our journey.”

Lana, Customer Services Executive

“Prior to attending the course I never really gave much thought to how my level of happiness affected my life in terms of work and interpersonal relationships. Sure enough I knew when I was happy or sad but never took the time to investigate the causes of these in any depth. Doing the course has not only focused my attention more on identifying these potential causes but also has taught me a number of useful techniques which I have been able to adopt in my day to day life to cope with stress or other obstacles. The course has also been a great source of conversation around the water cooler as many of my colleagues have been keen to share in some of my new found insight.”

Lukasz, In-house Accountant




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