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Top Ten World Happiness Day Tips For Everyday Life


I wrote this post especially for the UN World Happiness Day, but its content will be useful for you for every day of your life. There are a whole host of reasons to get excited about that. But the most important thing about World Happiness Day is how each of us can give a little more happiness to our selves.

So here are my Top10 World Happiness Day Tips that will help you get that little bit happier. And that’s good news for you and those around you too.

Anyone can use all of these tools irrespective of their background, education or current level of happiness. And they’re all completely FREE! So if they work for you, share the World Happiness Day love  – sent it to your partner or forward them around the office.

1. COMMIT yourself to having a happy day. This is the best start possible

2.Call someone right now and tell them you LOVE them

3. Practice some long, SLOW BREATHING: count 6 on the in breath, hold for 6, and 6 on the out breath

4. SMILE at 5 random people during the course of today

5. When you get time, pop outside and soak up a bit of NATURE

6. Appreciate the BENEFITS of WORK. Many of us struggle in the office so reflecting on what’s good can help us through a tough day

7. Do something CREATIVE.  It doesn’t matter what it is. Stretch your mind, open up new thought patterns and maybe engage with different people

8. Do 5 minutes energetic EXERCISE when you get home

9. Have yourself a LAUGH. It’s great for your hormones, glandular and immune systems

10. REVIEW your day by reflecting on 3 HAPPY MOMENTS before climbing into bed

They’re pretty simple aren’t they? Top marks if you squeeze them all into today.

At Your Daily Bread we make happiness understandable, practical and therefore achievable.

So if you manage them today, why not incorporate these easy bite-size activities into your life every day. You’ll start building up that well-being muscle and life will start to get a lot happier.

Best of luck and have a great day,


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