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The 5 Slices of Life | Andrew Stead – Workshops


At Your Daily Bread we employ the best learning and major concepts from Science, Philosophy, Business and Leadership.

Sustenance for Life’ draws this wisdom together into 5 Slices of Life making these insightful, empirically proven ideas understandable, practical and achievable.

Discover 5 Slices of Life:


Our physiological well-being underpins all other aspects of our existence. Physical health underpins all other aspects of our well-being. Understanding the latest insights and best practices of how to de-stress, energise and maximise the body is a crucial start for our happiness. We use the latest insights and best practices to de-stress, relax and re-energise to make best use of our body. A strong foundation of robust physical health allows us to enjoy the other aspects of our happiness.


Connectivity and cohesion are critical determinants of our well-being. Connectivity and cohesion are critical determinants of our happiness, although modern life makes their attainment more and more challenging. We pursue the best techniques and best practices to rebuild and maintain outstanding relationships with our family, friends, colleagues and strangers. We also  apply Communication and Therapeutic models to review, restructure and reinvigorate the entire spectrum of our relationships.


The human mind is the most sophisticated, powerful and yet under-utilised organ in existence. However its success arose from surviving in very different conditions to those that surround us today. Drawing on the most recent intelligence from neuroscience we expose the flaws of the brain and draw on its full potential by developing practical skills for a positive, resilient and harmonious life. The most recent intelligence from Neuroscience exposes the aws of the brain and helps us develop its full potential.


Modern life is unraveling the traditional connections between work, wealth and well-being. Stress and anxiety comes at a high cost to individuals and organisations. Organisational and Performance models balance these competing goods to achieve consistent, coherent and cooperative lives. Advances in technology, travel and communications are unravelling the traditional connections between wealth, work and well-being. Human development and consumption habits, work related stress and anxiety all come at a high cost to individuals and organisations. We consider new methods available to competently balance these competing goods to achieve consistent, coherent and cooperative lives.


Relating to our self and investigating our role in the bigger picture has never been harder. Getting to grips with what we want to achieve and how to achieve it in an exponentially evolving world has never been more demanding. Mastering organisation and change takes us from feeling overrun and out of control to being efficient, effective and empowered. Through creativity and coaching we examine our values, strengths and purpose as a way of leading fulled, maximized and meaningful lives.

If you or your organisation really wish to become best in class in your industry through investing in your people and maximising well-being or you would like do discover more about 5 Slices of Life make sure to contact Andrew: 

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