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Structure & Science – 4 Stages of Life Maximisation

Your Daily Bread delivers innovative Happiness, Resilience and Well-being content, 1:1 coaching, retreats, events and programmes.


4 Stages of Life Maximisation

Our Sustenance for Life programme is the result of years of research and practice, fashioned together into ‘5 Key Slices’ delivered through the programme. The substance of our 5 Slices is undoubtedly unique. But intelligence is nothing without an effective implementation strategy to effect real change.

Here at Your Daily Bread we consistently achieve results in short timeframes, and many ask us ‘How?’ We believe the answer is the combination of a high performance environment and a committed group of people who share aligned vision and strategy. We use the same success system to make sure that it’s not just talk. It’s action and it’s change and it leads to happiness. Our innovative method of ensuring life maximisation is designed around 4 stages of life maximisation; we call ‘The 4Ss’.

Here we’ll briefly take a look at those first 2 stages – Structure and Science



We combine our unique change methodology with practical organisation solutions to create a single coherent structure.  We consistently analyse each aspect of life, identifying successes and challenges as they arise. A robust yet flexible method that successfully balances the sum of the parts over the long run.


We take the top ideas, intelligently researched, innovatively designed, and expertly delivered. It’s about grasping the best, relevant, scientifically proven concepts, direct from the world leading experts. We objectively scrutinise facts and evidence rather than relying on ideology, guesswork or faith.

These are just two of the methods of life maximisation Your Daily Bread uses in delivering our Sustenance for Life programme. The other two you can find >>here<<

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