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January Divorce? Connect Back With Yourself.


It’s now completely clichéd to get divorced in January. In the early days of the New Year, husbands and wives up and down the country are pacing back and forth pondering their great quandary in terror. Will they receive a solicitors letter on  January 19th – the day when more divorces are filed in the UK – or should they make a pre-emptive strike themselves?

January Divorce – Pros and Cons

Pros: Christmas passed without too much trouble after all. In that no one was murdered. Besides, any divorce these days ends up in dreadful acrimony, witness that whole Saatchi vs. Nigella charade.

Cons: Another vacuous Christmas like that will find me hanging off Blackfriars Bridge. 3 of my friends recently separated and seem much better for it. Secretly, I would relish being a Z list celeb worthy of my divorce being dragged through the redtops.

And while this may be great news for our friends still fortunate enough to be employed in the world of divorce law and at some level will surely benefit all of us (well, at least some people??) by adding further froth to the veritable cappuccino of a housing market the year before an election, something somewhere tells me it’s not great.

January Divorce – Connect back with Yourself

Continually high divorce rates and peak season legal applications demonstrate that people are hurting and becoming disconnected from their families. From themselves. Any ruptured separation spells ongoing hurt and emotional distress for an extended group of loved ones, far beyond those directly involved.

So if you’ve been fortunate enough to amble through the festive season without having to make it a White Christmas Nigella style, maybe we should think about those for whom life is currently a little less high and more like a throbbing come down. January is a tough time for many people. So let’s be out there offering as much positivity and support to our family, friends, colleagues, A, B, C and Z listers. In fact anyone we can. But most importantly, at this sensitive time of year, let’s look after ourselves.

Happy New Year!


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