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Habits of Happiness – Change that Lasts


What are Habits? And how do we create them? How can we create Habits of Happiness?

Change is dependent upon making new habits. Habits are created by repetition. Each repetition corresponds to a neural pathway in the brain. The more we repeat a thought or action, the stronger that pathway becomes, as when a path through a field becomes clearer the more people take it. In the same way once we have formed a habit it is regulated directly by the unconscious mind. Hence unhappy people have habits that maintain their unhappiness, and happy people have habits that sustain their contentment.

The good news is that creating small new habits can produce great results. To enable transformation we must understand the process of change. We need to create new paths and make these stronger through repetition – creating happiness habits. Little daily changes can make a huge difference to our everyday life. Take for example smiling. For such a small action, smiling can have great benefits, from changing our mood to relieving stress and helping us stay positive. No matter how small the habits we create they can set the path to how we live day to day.

I for one get excited at being able to create new habits that allow me to be happy. The question I would like to leave you with is what new path and what new habit will you adopt today for your happiness?

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