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Conquering Change – Why is it important?


Conquering Change – How do we change? How do we make improvements? How do we develop a way of consistently getting better over the long run?

If change were simple, we wouldn’t even need to think about it. All our aspirations would be fulfilled without thought and effort. But we all know it just isn’t that simple.

Over the last 20 years we have learned a lot about the process of change from academia and business. And now we can apply those techniques to make change more readily in our personal lives.

Change Management is a critical function in all aspects of living including our personal, professional and social aspects of life. In the last 2 decades Change has also become a key area in Management Science and Leadership Performance. And business has taken up the challenge, analysing the transformation process in minute detail, for example in Japanese Lean Production Techniques.

Although sometimes we might find change disconcerting, scientific evidence tells us that change is good for happiness. Doing something different keeps the mind supple and agile. It stimulates the brain keeps us moving forward. It creates a sense of purpose and achievement. So we are not making change just for the hell of it but for the happiness of it!

Conquering Change – The OAR model of Change

There are now literally millions of change models around the world, constantly used by the top consulting firms and businesses. So if we can adopt the best practices on a personal level we make bring meaningful change in our lives.

At Your Daily Bread we have created our own proprietary change model. This helps us execute the changes or initiate the habits we wish to make in life. It is a universal methodology that enables transformation. This might include achieving a key objective, making change happen, establishing a new habit or just being more effective at getting things done. The principals can be applied in one’s personal, professional or indeed any area of life. This method brings together the best ideas and working practices that have been proven to work in their varied fields over many years. Employed correctly, this system can benefit all aspects of personal improvement, creating a happy, positive and rewarding life.

Our proprietary model of personal change is called the OAR model of Change.

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