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An Introduction to Happiness – How to be more happy?


Happiness isn’t an elusive thing which falls into some people’s laps and ignores others. We create our own happiness. And creating happiness isn’t as difficult as you think.

An Introduction to Happiness – How to be more happy?

There are many examples of people who appear to be highly successful, popular and wealthy and yet are deeply unhappy. And there are those who are unfortunate, isolated and penniless, yet still remain happy. That’s not to say that we can always avoid misfortune. Life is absolutely about ups and downs. But most of us can learn to better deal with the downs as well as being more appreciative of the ups.


However it seems our global society has lost sight of this well-being goal. Evidence tells us that global happiness has declined over the last 60 years despite significant increases in mortality, living standards and personal wealth.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Science and technology are reinventing how we understand and tackle these issues. Last century alone, advances in medical science provided us with extraordinary knowledge of our physical well-being. And we all live far longer as a result.In the last 15 years there has been a knowledge explosion in our understanding of well-being as a whole. And more recently still the study of neuroscience is providing corresponding explanations of how our brain works. This unparalleled progress is matched by the new and exciting ways we can learn and share information.


This science and technology can be translated into straightforward, practical methods that achieve results and improve happiness, irrespective of our background or current condition. Simple regular activities can contribute to a more positive, fulfilling and happier life. Just like building any other muscle or habit. That’s what Your Daily Bread is about.

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